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Image of Outerwear-Hairstyle-Product-Neck-Textile-Sleeve-Font-T-shirt-Aqua-1847678468726630


🌴Tropical body parts, what?! 🍊Let me explain... So last year just a week into lockdown I was approached by an agency with a brief for the Scottish Government changes in organ donation campaign. ❌Spoiler alert: these organs didn’t get cut in (medical humour anyone?!) Having just entered lockdown I had little on and banged these out in a day or so to a fairly challenging brief in parts: •t-shirts should look like something people would wear not forced upon them for a campaign •big bold depictions of heart, lungs, kidneys •instantly recognisable but not overtly anatomical •not too abstract either •colour welcome but careful with red •artful and creative with almost playful touches •please surprise us Long story short-ish: I loved creating these so much because the whole new take on anatomical illustration brief was so right up my street! So winner or no winner on this brief; it’s an important change for the good by @scotgov and @nhs_lothian @nhs_grampian @healthierscotland #winsomelosesome #medicalillustration #organdonation #designbrief #artistsoninstagram #illustratorsoninstagram #shareyourwork #medicalhumor #customillustration #customdesign #lovemyjob #creativelife #edinburghartist #artistlife #stripesforlife
picture of Outerwear-Shoulder-White-Product-Azure-Jersey-Neck-Sleeve-Shorts-1847678472059963
picture of Outerwear-Arm-Plant-Product-Neck-Sleeve-T-shirt-Gesture-Grey-1847678465393297
picture of Outerwear-Hairstyle-Product-Neck-Textile-Sleeve-Font-T-shirt-Aqua-1847678468726630
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