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Dodo, the amazing artist behind everything here.

The hand and heart behind the art and designs here at diedododa is Dodo Flugge - a prolific artist with a passion for Interiors. Encouraging people to build a home that truly reflects their nature and character.

“The way we live has a huge impact on our wellbeing and outlook. In a sense we become what we look at and expose ourselves to repeatedly. Colour and art can play a big role in this. I love nothing more than contributing to people creating their own inspiring surroundings with pieces that speak to them and express their personality. My aim has always been to make stunning art accessible and tear down the preconceptions of what is good, bad and how things should be done in Art and Interiors.”

With our highly diverse mix of designs and motifs, diedododa will make your walls buzz with personality and life. The versatility of art prints is unparalleled as they allow you to change things up effortlessly as your home grows or changes over time.

All our wall art is printed to order in our Edinburgh studio. For all other products we have carefully chosen suppliers for products that are beautifully made.

Come join our gang and STARE AT ART NOT WALLS