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Become A Greeting Card Stockist

If you run any type of retail store then you should surely be stocking diedododa cards!

Here I shall guide you through some of the advantages of stocking our greeting cards in your store. If you are in a rush, head here to the Wholesale Greeting Card & Prints Trade Registration Form.

What the benefits of stocking greeting cards in general?

You have fixed overheads, made up of such small business delights as wages, rent, electricity or council rates. It doesn't matter how much you sell, these remain the same. Therefore if you can sell one of your existing customers a product that they will add in addition to their normal purchase, you have made an extra pound or 2 towards paying those fixed costs.

Greeting cards are an excellent impulse purchase, so a customer very well might see a card they like and add it to their purchase.

But greeting cards offer so much more! These cards are made for events. Fun events, happy events. Events which make people feel good. If a customer is browsing the greeting card selection, they are thinking about those events, and thinking happy thoughts, and who knows, that might just make the customer feel they had a better experience in your shop.

Greeting cards may also remind you customer that they need to buy a gift, and maybe your shop might just provide the perfect gift.

Of course, there is also the obvious reason to stock greeting cards in your shop...people love them and if they know you stock a nice selection will visit your shop when they need one.


Why stock diedododa cards specifically?

There is no reason to stock our cards specifically to tell you the truth. Greeting cards are completely subjective..they are art...well ours are anyway. Your shop no doubt has a certain design, it is probably a part of your personality. That is one off the great joys of running a shop, curating a selection of items that delight your visitors.

You are reading this on our website, so hopefully you have already browsed some of our designs, so do you think they will fit in with the vibe of your shop?

Our designs are artistically led, mostly we don't have jokes or long sentences on them. They have an elegance to them, while still being fun, so they should create a very nice display in your shop.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to stock our cards. We do this by making ordering easy..we have a dedicated website set up for wholesale orders at It is as easy as ordering on a normal retail website. We have made our minimum order value low, only £50, so you can start stocking the cards without a lot of risk. Just pick a couple of designs to test the waters, and in a few days you can have them on display in your store.

We sell the cards to you in packs of 6, for £6.46 + VAT, and you can, of course, charge your customers whatever you feel comfortable with, so you see there is a lot of potential for extra profit there. 


What sort of Shops can stock cards?

Any shop can stock cards actually. There are the obvious ones, but remember, supermarkets have large Greeting Card displays usually, so they are definitely a popular item for everyone.

For florists, we have a couple of designs which will complement your offering perfectly, such as our Botanical Alphabet range.

For pet stores, we have a number of Cat & Bird related cards which would delight your customers (well the ones who don't own dogs anyway)

For home interior stores, a card display isn't out of place as long as they are designer cards, but you might notice we sell prints as well..and you can buy wholesale prints to sell in your store.

Gift shops of all types sell cards, and it is a question of whether we have the right card for your gift shop. A zoo gift shop, for example, will find a nice selection of animal related cards. Even if there are only a couple of cards which work for your style of store, our minimum order makes that feasible.

Hairdressers and beauty salons even, could have a selection of cards in a flick through display on their counter, just to add a bit more happiness and joy their customer's way.

Tattoo Parlours..well to tell you the truth we've had one tattooist sell our prints, but not cards yet.

Cafe? Absolutely, we have one cafe selling cards (and prints) very successfully here in Edinburgh.

So, yea, can your shop sell greeting cards? Probably.


diedododa cards are all printed on FSC certified paper, and the envelopes come from an FSC certified supplier as well. The cards have the FSC logo printed on the back. They are all printed in the United Kingdom in small batches.

We give you the option to receive your cards in biodegradable cello bags or without bags, in which case the envelope and card are held together using a paper clasp. (We call them naked cards).

Speaking of the envelopes, each card comes with a lovely neon coloured envelope, of various colours. You will be able to merchandise quite an eye catching display.

Head here to register as a retail shop for wholesale prices on greeting cards and prints.

There are no obligations, this registration just lets you enter the trade can order as and when you require more stock.

We look forward to working with you!