November Nectar - Choose 3 prints, get 1 free
November Nectar - Choose 3 prints, get 1 free
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picture of Plant-Furniture-Houseplant-Product-Flowerpot-Green-Orange-Interior design-Rectangle-2168806456613828.jpg


🔴🟡🟣🟢🟠 These birds originally painted on round canvases were the first ones to re-ignite my obsession with painting largely wildlife and nature… …they are also the few originals I am reluctant to sell for some reason… Possibly because they marked a turning point in how I create: Stepping away from what I call “reactive” creating - reacting to events and feelings in my life and using those as a starting point for colours, subjects etc, looking back and assessing if you will. As opposed to my current way of creating in which I look ahead to what I would like to see in the world, how I would like to feel, creating a more positive outlook and creating my own tiny universe by doing so. * In hindsight I felt that my previous “reactive” approach could lead to a sort of negative feedback loop. Creating often “darker” works to get things out but paradoxically making myself spending a lot of time with and around those visuals and emotions, leading to accumulating more of the same. After all, we often become what we repeatedly expose ourselves to… #stareatartnotwalls #creativeptocess #artistlife #howihome #createmagic #positivevibes #happyhome #birdart #lovecolour #walltowallstyle #processingemotions #ukartist #edinburghartist #edinburghart #knowthyself #lifehack #loveofanimals contemporarywildlifeart #artistsoninstagram #changeyourthoughts
picture of Plant-Furniture-Houseplant-Product-Flowerpot-Green-Orange-Interior design-Rectangle-2168806456613828
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