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November Nectar - Choose 3 prints, get 1 free
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💭Who remembers us from way back Royal Mile Market days? • For those of you who don’t…it was a brilliant little permanent market housed in an old church right in the middle of Edinburgh. Unfortunately it was run by the wrong people who didn’t care about the upkeep of the building or the small businesses that made it amazing. • Over the last years a historical society took it over but failed to do anything worthwhile with it. • To my delight two fellow traders are putting forward a truly workable concept that would succeed on multiple levels: Re-open the building to the public featuring small businesses and creating jobs, while also conserving and restoring the historic building over time! • Edinburgh council is not known to make a lot of smart or favourable decision when it comes to these things (hello tat shop parade)….let’s hope they might make the right one here…. #edinburgh #tronkirk #edinburgholdtown #smallbusiness #edinburghbusiness #historicedinburgh #visitedinburgh #visualmerchandising #loveart #interiorstyling #originalart #hiddenedinburgh #thisisedinburgh #edinburgheveningnews #stareatartnotwalls #lovalmarket #artmarket
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