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picture of Room-Footwear-Textile-Interior design-Visual arts-Art-Furniture-Painting-Shoe-1629355327225613.jpg

Room-Footwear-Textile-Interior design-Visual arts-Art

If there was a collective noun I’m sure it would be A Confusion of Cushions I have this whole lot to properly photograph and get online but someone rudely gave a killer hangover! Just like our prints these cushions will be made to order. In the UK. There are more and more companies providing this option which to me is the way forward to avoid small businesses like ours having to invest huge amounts in stock. And of course keep production to a level of what’s needed and necessary. #homedecor #designbydemand #madetoorder #smallbusiness #stareatartnotwalls #cushionlove
picture of Room-Footwear-Textile-Interior design-Visual arts-Art-Furniture-Painting-Shoe-1629355327225613
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