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Illustration-Cartoon-Art-Graphic design-Fashion illustration-Eyewear

Nothing adds personality to your home like statement art. Art prints are the most versatile way if you love to change things up regularly as they cost a fraction of an original and are easily stored when not in use. This is Rosella Calypso who I would love to bring to @curatedmakers Pop Up Shop at Trafford Centre. The event would be a unique opportunity to showcase my work and mission to #stareatartnotwalls in an iconic location alongside the best of local makers. It would be a dream to work on customised collections of designs with a department store such as John Lewis in future. Fellow designermakers @botanistandleopard should sign up as well! #madelocalpopup #designermaker #curatedgifts #interiorstyling #wallart #madelocal #madeinbritain #gallerywalldecor #crashbangcolour #boldinteriors #ihavethisthingwithcolor #makersgonnamake
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