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Structural Commercial Artwork

Sculptural Commercial Artwork

...because finding feasible solutions to the most demanding artwork ideas is a favourite of mine, here are a couple of sculptural pieces created in collaboration with Black Box Signs for their client Amazon.

The first one is a mosaic tile piece inspired by the game Lemmings.

Its a Lemming

Each piece was individually cut to size. I colour matched the paint to Pantone references and hand painted each piece to be later assembled in the Black Box workshop, then installed at the Amazon offices in New Waverley.

All the tiles ready to paint Colour matching for accuracy
All the painted tiles Its a finished lemming


The second one is a Civilisation game inspired piece.

Finished Civilisation Tile

Black Box sourced the octagonal tiles and assembled these on a steel base.
From there onwards I primed them and painted the design by hand. Colour matching on the go from a printed reference.
The piece also hangs installed at Amazon offices in New Waverley.

Ready to paint Preparing civilisation
Bringing civilisation to Amazon Civilisation has been achieved


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