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Wall Mural Painting

Straight To Wall Mural Painting

Original painted wall murals add a grand and artful touch an interior. For this Asian street food inspired artwork, the mixed media approach of figurative, paper cut outs and graffiti detail added instant texture, depth and interest to the small space.

An Asian Themed Bar Mural

A Wall of Mjrals Asian Themed Bar Mural

Here are a a couple of examples of supersized murals created for a pop up bar, with different pop culture themes.

Pop Up Geeks Themed Bar Mural Custom Art For Themed POPup Bar

In recent times artful murals in private interiors have seen a delightful comeback.
This large scale ghost sign might seem in your face yet because it is set in a tall and narrow space it turns into an almost abstract industrial pattern as it is rarely perceived as a whole.

Bathroom Ghost Sign Mural
Custom bathroom design Ghost sign reflected in the mirror

Another great idea for interior murals are bringing the outside in. Just thing of old chinoiserie murals. This tree is a much tamer and calming version of this concept in the shape of “extending” a tree that is visible form the window to the wall next to it.

A custom wall mural will start from £500, however every project is unique, so we would have to discuss the project to determine the budget. The sort of variables which will influence how much you will pay for your wall mural might be the physical size, complexity of the art and the location - heights and ceilings add to the cost, but also the type of preparation the wall will need, both pre and post painting.

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