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Artful Interior Painting

Artful Interior Painting

When Scottish Design Exchange got in touch about helping them transform a very large city centre retail space I was immediately interested.
Upon closer site inspection the space turned out to have really unique features but was overall a bit run down.

Before entrance hall looking drab and boring Colour added making the entrance so fresh and fun

Scottish Design Exchange offers exhibition space for small businesses, artists, and makers. The overall idea was to create a fun and enticing entrance as well as a clean exhibition space that now houses over 180 people’s work.


The front of the shop before Shopfront after

There was a very short turnaround time to transform the space, so the idea was to work smart without even considering to paint the entire pace top to bottom.

A statement entrance..who couldn't resist to enter?

My main focus was on making the entrance as exciting and inviting as possible using strategic colour blocking and colour accent on cornices and mouldings.

Colourful hallway

The features become true features with the right colours applied

A Fresh New Look of the interior

Colour Belongs Everywhere

No matter how big or small your project is, get in touch and lets see what we can come up with!

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