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•Drippy Stripes & Creepy Vibes• Last of the bathroom tour! If you hadn’t noticed this typical Edinburgh tenement bathroom is long and slim. To give it a little more perceived width I painted the far wall in bold block vertical stripes. Next to the aged look of the ghost sign these looked far too clean initially. They also didn’t go with the overall vintage medical/sanatorium vibe à la ‘A Cure for Wellness ‘(watch it!). Long story short, the stripes got “grubbied up”, vintage medical paraphernalia added and there you go: a very non cutesy, un-Insta bathroom was born! #realinstahomes #bathroominspo #vintagemedical #diyinterior #stripedwall #apothecarystyle #stareatartnotwalls #eclecticinteriors #staydifferent #clinical #creepyvibes
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