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Paws For Thought Journal

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Heres a life tip: Anytime you feel the need to write down a thought, an idea, a memory or feel the need to draw, make sure you always have a journal or notebook handy (and a pen or pencil, of course). It is amazing how quickly thoughts expire in our brain..what was once a vivid inspiration becomes a blank canvas once again, so make a hard copy.

And here is another one: If you are struggling to make a decision, write down the options, and make a for/against list. Write down your thoughts on why you should or shouldn't decide each way. Through the magic of our fantastic brains, the act of writing it down just helps.

And a final one: Just draw. Even if you aren't good at it. It is your personal journal, no-one will see. Its an amazingly relaxing and fun way to play.

We have created these hardback journals to be the perfect size for you to have around always. They have a hard cover, to keep them protected when they are in your bag at all times.

You can choose to have them with lined paper or blank pages. They have 128 pages. (as in 64 double sided leaves)

Their size is 132 X 186mm (5X7 inch).

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