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Midnight Prowl Framed Print

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The black panther is a colour variation of a leopard with subtle leopard spots still visible in certain light. The deep dark, and velvety appearance of the fur gives the cat an immediate air of mystique. As an animal totem they are associated with strength, bravery, and intuition.

Pawky Paws captures the personalities of 7 wild and playful cats. From the glimmering heat of the African savannah, to lush tropical jungle foliage. A visual feats for lovers of cats and Travel adventures alike!

  • Premium quality matte art print in a wooden frame with a choice of three colours - Black, White and Natural Wood.
  • Choose between Edge to Edge art, or with a mount border, in either black or white.
  • Exclusive print design by diedododa.
  • The frame has modern clean lines with a satin finish.
  • The front glaze is acrylic, making the frame lighter and easier to hang, as well as less likely to incur reflections than standard glass.
  • We can make your frame with glass if you prefer. We offer 2 options; standard at the same price and a premium museum glass for an extra charge. After you add to basket, click here to select a glass glaze.
  • UltraChrome archival inks ensure your art will always stay vivid
  • Printed on Enhanced Matte art papers to bring out the colours and provide a long life without fading
  • Printed on demand to reduce waste
Made Locally

Mostly we print your order on demand in our studio in Scotland. We sometimes use partners to print your order for larger print sizes for which we are not equipped in our studio. Also orders to countries other than the UK might be printed by our partners in your own country. We do this to reduce the possibility of you incurring customs & tax charges, but it also results in less global transportation and faster delivery times, as well as keeping jobs local to you. If feels right to us, but if you really do want it to come from our very hands in Scotland, please leave a note or email us after your order, and we shall happily oblige.

Size Guide

The sizes listed are for the frame itself. If you order a frame with a mount border, then the print is reduced in size to match.

Image Size Comparison between A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 & A5 Print sizes

diedododa Print Sizes Chart ISO216

As we print on demand, we have the flexibility of a cat. If you need the print in different sizes to the ones listed, please ask us if it is possible. It will not be possible with every design, but we will definitely do it if we can.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All prints come with the diedododa Satisfaction Guarantee. That means you can exchange any items that you're not 100% loving and wanting on your wall. So if it doesn't suit your home or anything else is wrong, please let us know and we will make it right.

Shipping Times & Prices
We aim to dispatch your framed prints quickly, normally within 5 working days. Below are estimates for how long it will take for your prints to arrive, assuming there are no snow storms or pandemics to slow us down.
Note - *If your order is over £35 and you are in the UK, then shipping is FREE


UK Standard Shipping 4-10 days £1.80/FREE*
UK Express 4-6 days £6.99
Europe Standard 12-15 days ~€6
Europe Express 4-6 days ~€16
USA Standard 14-30 days ~$17
USA Express 7-8 days ~$21
Australia Standard 14-30 days ~$12.50
Australia Express 7-8 days ~$26.50
International Standard 14-30 days from £12
International Express 7-8 days from £25

Prices in € and $ are approximate, the exact prices are calculated in the checkout before you pay.


If you have any questions at all, please contact us, we are only too happy to help.

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