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Hotel Dodo Jolly Striped Tea Towel

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They’re like beach towels for your dishes! Well, kinda but they’re even more versatile than that! These strikingly striped tea towels have an instant fun factor while also staying classy in timeless stripe fashion.
Use them as tea towels, alternative gift wrap, a placemat for a floral centrepiece, or even a mini tablecloth. They’re even pretty enough to use as a wall hanging. Up to you - get creative!

Each tea towel is roughly 50cm x 70cm in size and there are 2 styles to choose from. They are made 
from heavyweight panama cotton fabric in the UK, and feature a handy hanging loop. If you choose to use them, then they should be washed at 40 degrees with similar colours, but we shall not judge if they are used purely for the delight they bring to your décor.

In the images you might notice these lovely matching coasters.

Hôtel Dodo is a place, or better a tiny universe, that exists in my head allowing me to mind travel. Not dissimilar to the concept of a mind palace that makes remembering things easier.

My little universe is all about moments of calm, appreciating the little things, sun soaked lazy holiday lunches, beautifully curated table settings, and overall that “nothing to do, nowhere to go” energy.
Each setting invites the viewer to take a seat and the table, focus on the calm before them and be transported elsewhere for a little while.

See you in the lounge at Hôtel Dodo! X

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