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Botanical Alphabet E Greeting Card

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This card will be dispatched on Monday, April 26th, 2021

E is for Elder.

Elderflowers and Elderberries both have lot of uses. When uncooked parts of the berries are poisonous. While the flowers when cooked and used in food and drink have a subtle floral aroma, the berries have much more robust flavour. The Elder tree features in folklore all around the world and is particularly popular in Celtic mythology where it was forbidden to cut the trees down. Protective powers provided by the White Goddess, as well as medicinal and culinary properties were associated with it.

The Botanical Alphabet is inspired by old scientific botanical illustrations and categories of olden day Explorers and Naturists. Paired with modern outlined sans serif letters and bold colour blocks, it has a much more contemporary feel while still keeping a hint of the much loved illustration genre of the past.