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Dodo, the amazing artist behind everything here.

The hand and heart behind the art and designs at diedododa is Dodo Flugge. Her creative interest was first peeked at 3 years old when she was given her first watercolour set.

Ever since she embarked on an autodidactic mission, perfecting skills and learning ever more techniques in new mediums.

Growing up, Art (with a capital A) often seemed a bit high-brow, daunting, even restrictive; where she always believed that it should be fun, expressive, and accessible to everyone. She refused to conform and limit herself to a single medium or style, and kept on creating whichever way she pleased; building up a highly varied and prolific portfolio in the process.

As diedododa (pronounced “dee-doh-doh-dah” which means “that Dodo there” in German) she found a way to bring her work to a wide audience as high quality affordable art prints. With the company’s motto of: “Stare at art not walls” the mission is clear: to fill your home with art in the most simple and enjoyable way.

Your home after all is a reflection of yourself, nothing expresses your personality better than the things and art you surround yourself with. diedododa’s vast selection of wall art will make your walls buzz with personality and life. Of course nobody likes to wear the same thing all the time - luckily prints are easily changed around to suit your changing interior ideas! Why not start your own collection?

We want you to take us home and have fun with us.

Show us what you've got, tag @diedododa