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Coronavirus Update

We have stopped deliveries

It is time to care for people, so we cannot, in good conscience, ask delivery people to take our packages to your house, because they cannot be considered essentials.

The prints and cards we make are nice, to be sure, and will make you and your friends happier, but in our current situation that is not enough reason. We must all work together to beat this beastly pandemic.

You can still browse the site, and you can even order if you want, however we will not deliver your order until everything returns to normal. Hopefully you will forget you ordered and you will receive a nice unexpected gift from yourself.

Our shop in Rose Street Edinburgh is also currently closed until further notice.

We understand cats cannot be infected, so we are investigating the possibility to get them working to keep the shop open, however it turns out they don't really want to work, and there's not a lot we can do about that except give them cuddles. They take the fish we offer, and then go and curl up in the window.

  • Online Store: Pawsed - no deliveries
  • Retail Store: Closed
  • Cats: Cute but ineffective

Stay Safe!

diedododa X