3 for 2: Put 3 prints into your basket and only pay for 2.*
3 for 2: Put 3 prints into your basket and only pay for 2.*
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Christmas 2020

Normally at this time of the year, we have a stall at the wonderful Edinburgh Christmas Market, allowing you to browse and buy your Christmas cards and gifts in a fairly hectic but rather delicious atmosphere.

Sadly, with 2020 doing its best to send us into a dystopian nightmare, that shall not happen this year.

Sadly you will have to visit Lidl to source your own German sausages and mulled wine (or try this local one), however we have a number of options available to you to buy christmas cards and maybe a lovely gift of some wall art this year.
1 - 67 Rose St Edinburgh


Come and visit our shop!

We are part of a co-operative which shares a shop at 67 Rose Street Edinburgh, and you will find everything you would normally see at the Christmas Market(and more).

Open Daily (except Mondays) 12pm-6pm


2- SDX Edinburgh & Glasgow

 We are a part of the wonderful Scottish Design Exchange. This is a shop which carries the work of hundreds of Scottish artists. They have just opened up in George Street Edinburgh, and are also in Glasgow in the Buchanan Galleries.

In fact, I would recommend visiting them to find all your unique presents this year. With hundreds of local artists contributing work, well as I'm sure you can imagine - its a nice range.

3- Stay in bed and let us bring it

Of course, we are also online here, so you can get everything sent directly to your home and not go outside at all.

Do note, however, that most everyone will be shopping online this year, so the delivery services ARE going to get overwhelmed. so DON'T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE!!!!

Gift Vouchers

We have also introduced some lovely gift cards this year. You can have them sent to yourself so you can write in it and hand it over personally; or alternatively you can get us to write in it and we will send it directly to your friend/lover/family/victim/cat.

And if you have left it all a bit too late, we can also send a gift card by email, again either to you to forward, or directly to your recipient. This will be great for you when you realise on Christmas Day that you screwed up.

Buy Your Gift Voucher

International Orders

If you are in Australia or the USA and probably Canada (via the US), we have found some partners there who can dispatch your order from diedododa.com directly within your country, so deliveries don't have to go on an international flight which means it will definitely get to you before Christmas.

If it is an item our partners don't have available we will still dispatch from the UK, and if we don't think it will reach you in time we will email you (and refund you if we both agree it is too risky).

Of course, if you have any questions, do contact us and ask away!

enjoy a selection of christmas cards...