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I am a self-taught artist with a love for creature features and vibrant, joyful colour schemes with a sense of fun and humour thrown in.

You may have noticed that my work comes in sa lot of different styles which apparently is a bit unusual. The main reason for this is a love of learning new skills, so settling for just one style or medium never occured to me...and lucky for you because there’s something for everyone here promise :)

So, how do you pronounce it?!
It’s (say it with me) dee-doh-doh-da.
Does it mean anything?
Sure does...die Dodo da means “the Dodo there” in German...keeping things simple, my favourite!

And indeed there is a very simple ethos at the heart of diedododa: taking the faff out of fine art by making gallery quality fine art prints affordable and available to everyone!

In addition to art prints you’ll find an ever increasing selection of homewares, jewellery, and whatever else might get me obsessed in the future ;)