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Tiger Wall Art
  • Jungle Stripes Giclée Art Print Pawky Paws Art Print
    Pawky Paws

    Jungle Stripes Art Prints

    from £20.00

    The largest of all the cats. Tigers have captured the imagination of cultures all over the world since ancient times. In Korean myth the tiger is r...

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  • Tumultuous Tigers Matte Art Print Food Fur & Feathers Art Print
    Food Fur & Feathers

    Tumultuous Tigers Art Prints

    from £12.50

    A team of tumultuous tigers to make your walls jump for joy. Because big cats are just cats after all. The right kinda vibe for hallways, nurseries...

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  • Rayures Sauvages Matte Art Print Aventures Des Créatures Art Print
    Aventures Des Créatures

    Rayures Sauvages Art Prints

    from £12.50

    Stripes in the wild! Welcome to Majestic Tiger Mama’s backyards picnic. The dress code is clear: stripes for life. Hoopoe wouldn't miss the occasio...

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  • Tiger Matte Art Print Cats & Dots Art Print
    Cats & Dots

    Tiger Art Prints

    from £21.00

    I like big cats and I cannot lie! This is a collection of my favourite striped, dotted, spotted, furry, tufted felines. Colour coded for easy felin...

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  • Cataloupe Matte Art Print The Gathering Art Print
    The Gathering

    Cataloupe Art Prints

    from £12.50

    Dreams of cat island visualised. Stripey cats, dotty cats, tufted cats, and maned cats.

  • Tangerine Tiger Matte Art Print Catastract Art Print

    Tangerine Tiger Art Prints

    from £12.50

    Paw prints by the pool, Watermelon and Mango margaritas followed by strawberry ice cream. Catastract is a lighthearted abstract series channeling ...

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Stunning and elegant, the true king of the jungle - tigers are also maniacal, savage, and terrifyingly unrelenting killing machines. So it really wouldn’t do to have one in your home. Why not try our delightful Tiger Wall Art instead? It comes with a 0% chance of being savagely mauled.

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