Open Bar

Serve ‘em up and keep ‘em coming!

Our love affair with cocktails is akin to unwrapping christmas presents as a child. The arrival of the much anticipated ordered libation, admiring the careful presentation before we lean in to take the first sip, swirl the miraculous concoction in our mouths to savour it in all its nuances.

And yet not all of us are mad for the frills and flourishes, the dainty glassware and myriad of flavour nuances.

Our Open Bar collection of fine art prints and illustrations welcomes you with a mixed tray of carefully selected cocktails, straight liquors, and even some potions and poisons straight from your victorian snake oil salesman! Is gin your thing? Does whisky wet your whistle? Or is tequila your dealer? 

We prepared a drinks menu for you to enjoy over and over in the comfort of your home - your all time favourite bar!