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Black and White, Dark and Light - the ultimate contrast for the ultimate calm sophisticated interior style attitude. In the absence of colour focus shifts to the delicate details of our diverse range of pen and ink style monochrome art prints. 

Fun and friendly woodland animals make for delightful grouped adornments and learning aides in any nursery. Whereas at the opposite end of the spectrum rather more morbid series remind us of what other creatures might lurk in the dark. 

If you are looking to create a grid style gallery wall in your home; go monochrome! The stark and stylish visual essence of monochrome prints is accentuated by simple and effective groupings in rows of threes or gridded variations.

  • Food, Fur & Feathers Greeting Cards

    Dodo Greeting Card


    Don't go extinct - keep the Dodo alive!

  • Vermoth Matte Art Print
    Potion & Poison Bottles

    Vermoth Matte Art Print

    from £12.50

    Mr.Moth presents Vermoth a deliciosuly dry bevereage from the house served with a general helping of Remarkable Remedy gin!

  • Skull Potion Matte Art Print
    Potion & Poison Bottles

    Skull Potion Matte Art Print

    from £7.50

    Poisons and can become the other if the dosage is altered significantly.

  • Sowly Matte Art Print
    Ink Birds

    Sowly Matte Art Print

    from £7.50

    Owls! Such expressionate faces...this one a little sad or maybe just philosophical....who could say....

  • Scowly Matte Art Print
    Ink Birds

    Scowly Matte Art Print

    from £7.50

    Scowly Eagle owl would like to ask you an important question: What have you done?

  • Falcon Matte Art Print
    Ink Birds

    Falcon Matte Art Print

    from £7.50

    Most elegant medium sized bird of prey...the perregrine falcon.

  • 3 Moths Matte Art Print
    Ink Drawings

    3 Moths Matte Art Print

    from £7.50

    A selection of furry moths to delight anyone's day. There's a Brahmin moth, a Tiger moth and another one I can't remember..If you know, please let ...

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  • Ink Drawings

    Coming Up For Hare Matte Art Print


    A Surrealist, intricately detailed fever dream of a hare coming up for air with japanese patterns and fugu clouds.