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But Mostly I like Cats and Snacks posters

A purrfect tribute to the hilariously one-sided love affair between humans and their beloved feline companions.

'But Mostly...' is a duo of prints that delves into the true dynamics of cat-human relationships. The first print captures the adoration a cat owner feels for her feline friend, the one thing that brings her joy above all else. She's enthralled, besotted, and hopelessly devoted to her pet, but then we turn to the cat's perspective.

In the second print, the cat, in all her majestic indifference, reveals her true source of happiness: Mostly Snacks. The print humorously highlights the self-centred inclinations of our feline friends, reminding us why we adore these wonderfully independent and inscrutable creatures.

The 'But Mostly...' series is a delightful celebration of the often comical bond shared between cats and their humans. Whether you're a cat lover, a fan of humourous art, or someone who enjoys the whimsical side of life, these prints will resonate with you.

They offer a heartwarming and funny look at the love we share with our pets, even when they're more interested in treats than our affection. After all, isn't that just a part of their charm? With the 'But Mostly...' collection, you can celebrate the humorous and endearing quirks of your furry friends, and perhaps find a little comfort knowing you're not alone in your cat-centric adoration.