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New Wall Art Series - Heat Flares

New Wall Art Series - Heat Flares

Dreaming of travel to hot and humid places... If you love tropical escapes and plants that won’t die, this trio is for you.

The vibrant colours and botanicals make these beautiful wall art pieces for your home office or kitchen.

Tropic Pop Print

Plants will always make a home look so much more inviting. However, they don't always have to be real. Even as a piece of wall art these plants will give your home a relaxed feel, and will even make you feel warmer.

Maybe you need to give a gift to a plant lover. Well rather than taking the risk of giving plants or flowers, which the recipient might not appreciate having to care for, or worse, may murder through incompetence* ...give wall art featuring the plants.  The super great thing about giving wall art as a gift is that it is always in their home to put a smile on their face every time they think about you. 

*Incompetence seems harsh, but we are talking about cactus here.

Cactus Art Print in a Frame

This series is also available as canvas prints. They are 28 inches wide and 40 inches high, so make a lovely statement piece in your room. These are printed on high quality canvas which is then stretched over a pine frame, for a ready to hang masterpiece.

Click here to see all three designs in the Heat Flares Wall Art Collection


Ok, I admit I have been guilty of failing to keep a cactus alive.

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