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Image of Door-Wood-Window-Interior design-Fixture-Plant-Rectangle-Home door-Building-648469907291274

Door-Wood-Window-Interior design-Fixture-Plant

Oh hello it’s @iic__official #bedroom day. Just as well because this is where I shall spend a large part of today! 🥱 The bedroom is my absolute sanctuary…place to think, relax, come up with creative ideas. To achieve the ultimate relaxing vibe I kept furniture and “things” to a minimum. Banning wardrobe and clothes mess to the box room. There are also no “defined image” artworks on the wall, instead a couple of blank canvases either side of the bed, and the abstract colour block googly eye snake painting sitting on the floor. To still add character as well as inspiration, art, and colour I hand painted a vintage banana advert all over the wall facing the bed. Who doesn’t like waking up to Marshmallow Bananas?! 🍌🍡 #iicbedroom #iic #bedroomdecor #tropicalvibes #cooltropical
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picture of Door-Wood-Window-Interior design-Fixture-Plant-Rectangle-Home door-Building-648469907291274
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