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Image of Green-Plum tomato-Product-Fruit-Natural foods-Organism-Bush tomato-Food-Whole food-635841945220737

Green-Plum tomato-Product-Fruit-Natural foods-Organism

🍅 The humble tomato. Inoffensive flavourer of condiments. Staple yet often under-appreciated carrier of dishes. Who knew it had such a dark past! You lost me, what?!….ok, so here goes: So way, way back in the olden days, when they used to burn witches and all, tomatoes had a very bad rep. Deemed to be poisonous because the plant is part of the nightshade family. The same nightshade family that THE Deadly Nightshade (aka Belladonna) belongs to. The latter had very strong associations with withcraft and the devil himself at the time, so by relation tomatoes were also absolutely not to be trusted. It took a couple of hundred years to get the lovely tomato out of its bad reputation. I can only urge you to google wolf peach and read the full history because it’s a wild and very unexpected one. So why the Wolf Peach? The old Greek name given to tomatoes (now more heirloom tomatoes of yellow or different colours) was Lycopersicon which translates to wolf peach. I paired them in this decidedly Mediterranean setting for the Hôtel Dodo series with strawberries because adding to the multifaceted nature…tomatoes are also a fruit and a berry no less! Now let that all sink in…..and don’t forget to google wolf peach ;) #stareatartnotwalls #wolfpeach #tomato #foodart #vintagefood #foodhistory #gingham #blueandred #kitchenart #walltowallstyle #edinburghinteriors #fruitstickers #scotlandisnow #edinburghbusiness #mediterraneanstyle #kitcheninspo #schoenerwohnen #boldinteriors #loveart #retrovibes #retrostyle #mindtravel #holidayvibes
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picture of Green-Plum tomato-Product-Fruit-Natural foods-Organism-Bush tomato-Food-Whole food-635841945220737
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