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Rules to be broken… …I’m sure if you’ve ever watched an interiors program or got advice of how to display things in your home you’ve heard of “the rule of 3” - arranging anything from@artwork to decorative bits in aesthetically pleasing groups of 3. * For some reason I never liked that rule because I things often look too artificially styled. Or we’ll, just a bit too “finished” for my liking. As if there’s no space for you, the person looking at said arrangement. Arranging things in pairs if 2 creates a bit of tension, inviting the eye to look around. * Especially when it comes to large artwork I love a wall with 2 equal sized statement pieces, inviting the viewer to be the “missing link”…. Vintage match strikes from @thehambledon Woven pots @tkmaxxuk Tins: assorted vintage #stareatartnotwalls #ruleofthree #breaktherules #interiorinspo #walltowallstyle #diyhome #edinburghinteriors #smegfridge #styleithappy #decorideas #staydifferent
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picture of Cabinetry-Property-Plant-Building-Drawer-Wood-Door-Interior design-Lighting-2212753362219137
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