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picture of Mythical creature-Art-Paint-Event-Electric blue-Magenta-Visual arts-Font-Illustration-2120726978088443.jpg

Mythical creature-Art-Paint-Event-Electric blue-Magenta

Because who has a grip on how time passes just now anyway?! Definitely not me🙃 * Starting this week with my last shift at the market. Tuesday will be the last day overall… Each year I am there I learn and tweak my set up for the next time. My secret pleasure and talent is “streamlining processes”. On both sides of the counter…and in life in general. It sounds like a corporate concept but to me it’s actually about making things flow as easily and pleasantly as possible. There are always a lot of unpredictable events in life and business, so creating a pleasant and efficient way of dealing with the “knowns and necessaries” is really enjoyable. Also I’m a bit of a worrier and overthinker which actually plays into that skill set 😬 What’s your unexpected skill? #wisernotolder #eagleowl #streamline #hiddenskills #artistlife #makelifeeasier #greetingscards #animalcard #contemporarywildlifeart #edinburghartist #justacard #ukwholesaler #uksmallbusiness #stareatartnotwalls
picture of Mythical creature-Art-Paint-Event-Electric blue-Magenta-Visual arts-Font-Illustration-2120726978088443
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