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picture of Mythical creature-Art-Paint-Event-Electric blue-Magenta-Visual arts-Font-Illustration-2120726978088443.jpg

Mythical creature-Art-Paint-Event-Electric blue-Magenta

Because who has a grip on how time passes just now anyway?! Definitely not mešŸ™ƒ * Starting this week with my last shift at the market. Tuesday will be the last day overallā€¦ Each year I am there I learn and tweak my set up for the next time. My secret pleasure and talent is ā€œstreamlining processesā€. On both sides of the counterā€¦and in life in general. It sounds like a corporate concept but to me itā€™s actually about making things flow as easily and pleasantly as possible. There are always a lot of unpredictable events in life and business, so creating a pleasant and efficient way of dealing with the ā€œknowns and necessariesā€ is really enjoyable. Also Iā€™m a bit of a worrier and overthinker which actually plays into that skill set šŸ˜¬ Whatā€™s your unexpected skill? #wisernotolder #eagleowl #streamline #hiddenskills #artistlife #makelifeeasier #greetingscards #animalcard #contemporarywildlifeart #edinburghartist #justacard #ukwholesaler #uksmallbusiness #stareatartnotwalls
picture of Mythical creature-Art-Paint-Event-Electric blue-Magenta-Visual arts-Font-Illustration-2120726978088443
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