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NFT TGIF ⚡️ Who else here is excited about NFTs? • As someone who works predominantly digitally these days I’m very. Excited that is. Not just because it’s a new thing to learn... • Being able to sell original digital artworks (and so many more disciplines) fills me with a sense of adventure. It’s unchartered territory and I wonder where it will all lead... • And of course I don’t believe for a second that it will be the demise of analog art and creating in general (yet)....just as e-books haven’t led to the demise of physical books. Quite the opposite actually. What really intrigues me just now is that it is an entirely new concept of ownership. Purely from a creator’s point of view I love the freedom that not having piles of sketchbooks, canvases waiting to be sold, and general art materials gives me. I have always created for the love of it and as a sort of visual diary...without filter or (sales)purpose. Years ago, when I realised just how much resources it took not just to make all these, but also for me to physically store them, I actually stopped creating as much as I didn’t know what to do with all the “stuff”. Bringing this up usually leads to an outcry of; but art is not “just stuff”. And of course that is true on an emotional, wellbeing, and inspirational level. However.... ...anyway would love to hear your thoughts on this! Save this and let me know after you’ve had a beer or two in the sun! X #nft #tgif #digitalart #originalart #newwork #keeplearning #nftartist #howwelive #stareatartnotwalls #letsdiscuss #cryptoart #ethereum #gettingstarted #followtheprocess #artistsoninstagram
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