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Pieces of me 🔺🔲🟡🔹 Celebrating reaching 7k followers by sharing some rare and random facts about myself: -my name is Dodo but my birth certificate says Dorothea Julia....nobody ever called or calls me that • -originally from Germany, I have lived in Edinburgh for over 20 years • -I am self-taught • -I have always enjoyed working in many different mediums and styles. The idea and what I want to express will demand which suits best • -despite art and creating being the most important and defining things in my life, I never planned a creative career • -In my 20s I worked with a painter and decorator. In taught me both the language and decorating skills • -my pinky fingers (and toes) are ridiculously short • -I love learning new skills but never learnt how to drive...yet?! • -I started going grey at age 21 😳 • -I love horror movies but wildlife documentaries will make me cry • -I am very introverted which doesn’t mean I’m shy or lack confidence, just that small talk and extended human interaction can be very tiring...(hurrah for social media!) • -as a child my dream was to paint tree and forest murals all over my parent’s house...obvs that didn’t happen • -i still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up... #piecesofme #artistlife #behindthescenes #facebehindtheaccount #livingwithcats #catsofinstagram #howigothere #process #caringtoshareyourfeed #howihome #interiorinspo #artistsoninstagram #factsaboutme #boldinteriors #interior123 #loveyourhome #stareatartnotwalls
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