3 for 2: Put 3 prints into your basket and only pay for 2.*
3 for 2: Put 3 prints into your basket and only pay for 2.*
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picture of Pink-Picture frame-Magenta-Room-Visual arts-Plant-Flower---1689250241236121.jpg

Pink-Picture frame-Magenta-Room-Visual arts-Plant

🎨How do you hang yours? Obviously frames are the sturdiest option🤪 I get asked about frames and where to buy them quite regularly. First of all: the vast majority of my prints are a standard A4, A3 etc size which makes searching online a breeze! Alternatively if you want to support your local picture framer, communicating size for a quote is equally as simple. And keep in mind....frames can be as individual as the artwork itself....so why not go bold on a few?! ⤵️ Here’s a personal dirty secret: none of my framed prints at home have a protective glass or Perspex in front because I don’t like the glare and reflections. Warning though: this is absolute not advisable in general, especially in high traffic areas or places that get a lot of direct sunlight! Dirt will happen, and paper is not easily cleaned 🧽 🧼 “Non reflective” glass for frames does exist....I just like to live dangerously;) #easyframing #framedart #howtoframeart #boldinteriors #ihavethisthingwithpink #cocktailart #weekendvibes #gallerywallinspo #animalart #artistsoninstagram #stareatartnotwalls
picture of Pink-Picture frame-Magenta-Room-Visual arts-Plant-Flower---1689250241236121
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