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Soo Pinterest.. I’m getting back into it because guess what; it’s changed a lot in the last 6 years since I last abandoned it! In app evolution each year is more like dog years anyway... Here’s a little background: when Pinterest came out 10 years ago I was immediately interested. An image based platform that you an curate you say? Sounds like something else, right? Well Insta wasn’t really even on the scene yet... Anyway long story short I fell in live, then fell out of love twice before finally re-discovering it now and slowly building it up. The main thing I love about it now is that it will allow me to showcase my entire spectrum of products and skillset neatly arranged, linked and curated in one place. So heads up if you are a multi-faceted artist, maker, business whatnot...give it another go, you might just enjoy how it’s evolved! #pinterest #onlineportfolio #creativebusiness #multidisciplinaryartist #stareatartnotwalls #creativeprocess #digitalplatform #onlinegallery
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