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picture of FurnitureTableCoffee table297797974727591

FurnitureTableCoffee tableRoom297797974727591

Hello studio! I’ve spent the last two days tidying and reshuffling the studio. Last year we had the most devastating repeat flooding in the space. And I mean water pouring through cracks in several walls! For weeks on end. It was devastating in so many ways. Of course we immediately tried to adapt; the Vax our best friend, then come up with ways to get everything lifted off the ground, precariously stacked and whatnot. Stu even built a very efficient diy hose drainage system! This area used to be my photo studio and place to paint large pieces. All that had be put on hold. Coming into work or even thinking about the place became a constant dread; never knowing how bad it might be made me fall out of love with the space which is never healthy when it’s also the home and heart of your work. While I’m still not sure if everything is fixed , I was fed up coming to work in a store room as it were, so I got to work and put it back together to a proper inspirational studio vibe....while still keeping things protected and off....just in case... #studiolife #artiststudio #makersgonnamake #smallbusiness #adaptandovercome #messystudio #creativemess #lifestylephotography #unedited #unstaged #realinstahomes #artistofinstagram #studioporn #photographyprops #livecolourfully #crashbangcolour #hidinginabasement #diedododa #stareatartnotwalls
picture of FurnitureTableCoffee tableRoom297797974727591
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