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Illustration-Painting-Art-Fictional character-Still life-Visual arts

A bit of light Saturday reading! Super proud to say that my illustrations featured in 4 pages of the current Richard magazine. I always immensely enjoy working in thee collage style illustration going alongside a cryptic riddle about an important person in medical history! For this issue I was also asked for some key sketches, and then there’s the permanent illustration fixture of Dr Hipster Richard for his diagnosis column - the person the magazine named after and founder of the Apotheker und Ärztebank who the magazine belongs to! Fun fact: both my parents were in the medical field and with the , obviously I chose a very different career path, nevertheless all things medical and medical history have always fascinated and interested me; which makes having a small connection to the field in my own style extra special! #magazineillustration #customillustration #illustratorsoninstagram #collageart #medicalhistory #bavaria #makeartthatsells #creativelife #creativeedi #kunst #bilderrätsel #mediziner #medicalillustration #familyhistory #artmeetsscience #stareatartnotwalls #diedododa @ Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank
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picture of Illustration-Painting-Art-Fictional character-Still life-Visual arts-Water bottle---1477396249088189
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