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2020 Sneak Peek, print proofs for our Exotic Birds range cards - looking all colourful and dotty! Cannot wait to get samples in soon. This series has always had a special place in my heart, as it started my proper focus on bird and animal paintings. In April of 2014 I had to rush back from a travels in Australia because my mum had taken very ill and nobody knew if she was going to make it for weeks on end. As with every experience I had to paint/draw my way through it, but instead of the usual more morbid sketches of the past, I was drawn to the soothing round canvas shape and the beautiful positively cheerful colours of the birds. ...and by painting them desperately trying to bring and keep beauty and positivity to an otherwise desperate time. #newwork #artistinspiration #printproofs #whatsinapainting @ Hamburg / Seevetal
picture of Green-Circle-Leaf-Plant-Illustration-Fictional character-Diagram---1450441205117027
picture of Pink-Text-Circle-Peach-Font-Illustration----1450441205117027
picture of Text-Circle-Font-Illustration------1450441205117027 picture of Green-Circle-Leaf-Plant-Illustration-Fictional character-Diagram---33128-21750 picture of Pink-Text-Circle-Peach-Font-Illustration----33128-16793 picture of Text-Circle-Font-Illustration------33128-20739 picture of White-Black-Text-Font-Line-Brown-Monochrome-Rectangle-Symmetry-33128-158 picture of Text-Font-Banner-Logo-Brand-Signage----33128-4160 picture of Text-Font-Banner-Logo-Brand-Rectangle----33128-4124
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