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Some people belong behind bars....albeit not such pretty ones. While I can make peace with unpaid fees for work delivered, I believe in the importance of calling out incidents of dishonesty and deception in the hope that the perpetrators will eventually be held responsible for their reprehensible behaviour. So goes the story of @tommysbanglacafe The business that opened and closed its doors faster than you can say Curry King, leaving a mountain of unpaid wage and contractor bills in its wake. Mine included. This is not a search for pity nor lashing out in anger. It’s a lesson in the importance of communication and transparency. Stop hailing the “fake it til you make it” ego hustle. Assess strengths and abilities realistically, build a business accordingly. Keep learning and improving. The way a business is run is a mirror of the personality that runs it. Always. #word #sayitlikeitis #edinburghblogger #hiddenedinburgh #smallbusiness #creativebusiness #keeplearning #lifelessons #beadecenthuman #calloutthebullshit #notok #makechanges #interiordesign #stareatartnotwalls #creativeedi #scoundrel #businessschool #fucksake #diedododa
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