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So excited to share the latest publications of my ongoing collaboration with and their magazine Richard. As usual for the riddle of a prominent person in a the medical or healthcare field I hid all the clues in the illustration. Would you have been able to guess the woman in question? She was a German born psychoanalyst who later worked in New York and challenged some of Freuds long standing theories with some of her more optimistic views. For example that if people are willing they have the ability to change and develop all through life. Nobody’s personality (and therefore life and actions) is predetermined and/or inevitable. I whole heartedly agree of course! Here a few pointers to the clues: her choice of a positive outlook illustrated by two colour elements projecting forward in a very cheerful yellow and looking backwards (I.e. the years of learning and study in orange which to me symbolises creativity). The flower is a chrysanthemum which has many meanings attributed to it. Most of all joy and positivity. It also has the nickname “mum” which I thought fit quite well; potentially thinking of her as the Mother of psychoanalysis and/or trailblazer for women’s higher education. As nod to feminism is the colour purple. Traditionally used together with green to symbolise feminism; nowadays also with yellow. #illustrator #psychoanalyst #hiddenclues #symbolism #plantsymbolism #collageart #feminism #moderndayhero #trailblazers #medicalhistory #customillustration #workingartist #colourpsychology #ihavethisthingwithcolor #colorlover #freudian #magazineillustration #edinburghblogger #stareatartnotwalls #creativeedi #creativelife #artportfolio #procreate #digitalartist #diedododa @ New York, New York
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