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Colours may vary.....or better: a little recap and assessment of the steep learning curve I embarked on since first embracing @procreate and working on @ipadpro Since I was a kid I had always wanted to learn how to work digitally. Remember 90s CorelDraw? Yeah graphics/illustration program ever felt intuitive or hands on enough for me to want to learn properly until the winning triumvirate of Pro, Pencil, Procreate. I’ve never had so much fun “re-learning” painting, because while the results may look almost exactly like my works on canvas, the approach when creating them can be quite different because there so many more possibilities. Of everything. I have only just scratched the surface and know that I know mostly nothing yet. I love it! Anyone who thinks digital art is in any way “less than” has no idea what they are talking about. Don’t get me wrong; there will always be space for both, analog and digital painting, in my life because each has its own appeal and advantages and that’s just the way I like it. #learning #selftaught #digitalart #digitalpainting #ipadpro #procreate #applepencil #learnnewthings #keepchallengingyourself #artprint #birdlover #myhometrend #stareatartnotwalls #creativelife #creativeedi #blackcockatoo #thepossibilitiesareendless #workingartist #makeartthatsells #animalart #creaturefeature @ Edinburgh, United Kingdom
picture of Bird-Beak-Feather-Eye-Comb-Wing-Parrot-Falconiformes-Cockatoo-1315338075294008
picture of Bird-Cockatoo-Parrot-Beak-Watercolor paint-Acrylic paint-Feather-Illustration-Wing-1315338075294008
picture of Bird-Beak-Feather-Wing-Eye-Close-up-Parrot-Falconiformes-Comb-1315338075294008
picture of Beak-Bird-Feather-Water-Organism-Wing-Falconiformes---1315338075294008 picture of Bird-Beak-Feather-Eye-Comb-Wing-Parrot-Falconiformes-Cockatoo-37203-55261 picture of Bird-Cockatoo-Parrot-Beak-Watercolor paint-Acrylic paint-Feather-Illustration-Wing-37203-84651 picture of Bird-Beak-Feather-Wing-Eye-Close-up-Parrot-Falconiformes-Comb-37203-54771 picture of Beak-Bird-Feather-Water-Organism-Wing-Falconiformes---37203-45586 picture of White-Black-Text-Font-Line-Brown-Monochrome-Rectangle-Symmetry-37203-158 picture of Text-Font-Banner-Logo-Brand-Signage----37203-4160 picture of Text-Font-Banner-Logo-Brand-Rectangle----37203-4124
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