International Shipping

Our shipping prices are based on the weight of your package.


Up to 450grams anywhere in the world, shipping will cost £8.50. 

From 450g-1600grams, the cost will be £18.00


We currently will not ship packages larger than 1.6kg. So furniture & paintings cannot be shipped internationally, sorry. 


450grams will get you, for example, 4 necklaces, or 2 necklaces and 2 prints.

On the checkout page, there is a postage estimator to let you know. The final price is calculated just before your credit card is charged (which might be after the Paypal screen if you use the Paypal option.)


If you wish, you can purchase the item on the website, and arrange for it to be picked up from our store in Edinburgh, which obviously incurs no extra fees. If you are sending in someone to pick it up on your behalf, please let us know via the contact form so we are ready.