Furniture Care

These days much of the furniture which people acquire, from such places as Ikea, is laminated wood and can take most harsh cleaners, so we have gotten used to spraying and wiping with chemicals.

The furniture featured here, however, is hand painted and either waxed or varnished, and so it requires a bit of old school care.


Taking care of wax furniture:

Wax gives a lovely not too bright sheen to the piece and protects the paint finish from small spillages. It is however not as durable as varnish, so always use coasters for cups, glasses, vases or anything else that might contain liquids, especially ones containing alcohol. Small spillages should be immediately wiped off. for overall cleaning please use a damp cloth only - never chemical cleaners or furniture polish.

To give it a little bit of a polish wipe in one direction with a lint free cloth.


Taking care of varnished furniture:

I use very hard wearing varnish to finish my pieces and use a minimum of 2 coats (more on most pieces though). This makes for quite a hard wearing finish that can withstand a lot of handling. Just to be on the safe side I would still advise to use coasters for drinks and the use of non-abrasive and non-chemical cleaners.

The pieces that are finished with a matt varnish do have at least one coat of satin varnish underneath as matt varnish finishes are more of a decorative finish, as opposed to a hard wearing sealant.