Diedododa is only a small business, and due to various converging realities, we discovered that summer, which most people in Edinburgh associate with the best sales period is for us the perfect time to take a break. Basically, we need to visit our mothers, as all people should do as regularly as possible. And if our mother lives in a country far far away, well its only right that some time is spent exploring the world as well.

On our return in August, we will not be opening the shop in East Preston Street immediately, because we need to rebuild the webshop, and that involves a lot of photography, so it will become our studio for that time.

While we had to make way for the Jazz & Fringe festivals in the Tron Kirk, we are hoping that we will be back in there in September with the Royal MIle Market. However there are a lot of people and a council who need to work together to make it happen, so at this stage we cannot be certain of the outcome.

We are always contactable by email (or the contact form on this website) if you need anything.

See you soon!

Dodo & Stu